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  • Published on Oct 20, 2014

    Stay Warm this Winter

    In Wyoming, cold weather camping is very popular. The beauty and scenery in Wyoming when winter arrives is simply breathtaking. But you also need to be prepared for the cold if you do choose to go winter camping. We will help you identify some key things you need to have with you this winter.

    Your warm body will thank us later!


    Having good warm clothes is the most important thing when you go camping. From your head to your feet, you need to have quality clothing that will keep you warm when you are on the move. To start you need to protect your head and face.

    Head and Face

    In cold weather, you can lose a lot of warmth through your head if it isn't protected.  Winter stocking caps or beanies are available in a wide range of styles and materials that are sure to suit your needs. Moisture-wicking material is not only water proof but it also dries quickly, keeping your head warm while not letting water build up into ice on your hat. For your face, a ski mask that covers your entire face except for your eyes can do wonders for face and neck protection.


    In winter the name of the game for dressing warm is layers. The more layers you have on, the more warmth you will receive. It is always better to take layers off than to not have enough. To start you need a nice base layer of warmth. This base layer should consist of tight-fitting apparel that is worn close to the body and is also moisture wicking so that it can dry and absorb sweat easily. The next layer on top of that should be either a sweatshirt or vest. Finally, the outer layer is for your winter coat and any pants you might have. The outer layer should also be waterproof but needs to be warm and preferably have a full zipper to cover most of your neck.


    Keeping your feet warm is just as important as keeping your head warm, and with the proper socks and boots this shouldn't be an issue! For socks you will want thick camping socks. These are available at most retail outlets and are dedicated to keeping your feet as warm as possible. As far as boots go, making sure you get boots that offer plenty of support as well as fit tightly around the ankles are key. You do not want any snow or water to creep into your boots, therefore letting water potentially freeze on your feet.


    While having warm clothes is the most important, having great cold weather accessories can also help you stay warm this winter. Her is a list of some other accessories you may need to help you fight the cold.

    • Sleeping Bag 
    • Snacks
    • Flashlight 
    • Road Flares 
    • Small Snow Shovel
    • Cell Phone and Car Charger
    • Matches
    • Portable Campfire

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