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  • Published on Jan 11, 2015

    Outdoor Adventure Groups in Wyoming

    Yes folks, winter is finally here! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get out and still enjoy the great outdoors.  There are plenty of winter activities to partake in around the state but if you are looking to get out and try something new and meet new people, consider joining an outdoor adventure group.  Most are free, meet weekly or monthly, and are full of friendly and supportive individuals looking for the same thing you are; getting out and having fun!

    There are many outdoor adventure groups in Wyoming; you just have to look for them.  A couple groups to start looking at are 307 Adventure Junkies in Cheyenne, and Laramine 30/40/50 in Laramine, WY. The first group, 307 Adventure Junkies, is an outdoor social group that gets together for a multitude of outdoor activities around Cheyenne that include Hiking, running trails, climbing, and biking in the spring/summer/fall months.  This time of year, the group meets to tackle activities such as snowshoeing and skiing.  Although the activities are slower this time of year, there are still plenty to take part in.  Activity fees are based upon park and community fee regulations but are minimal and allow the group to explore other parts of the state that you may not get to experience on a regular basis. The 307 Adventure Junkies is a younger crowd of outdoor enthusiasts so some activities may be more challenging than others.  But, the nice this about this group is that you can pick the activities you want to participate in so if there is an activity that seems a little daunting; you can sit that one out.

    If slower, easier outdoor activities are more your speed then you might want to look at the group in Laramine, WY.  The Laramine 30/40/50 is a group of 30, 40, and 50 year olds that get together to socialize and experience fun and adventurous activities with people their own age.  The group is also composed of many single males and females, so if you are looking to meet people with similar interests, this is a great place to start! 

    The 30/40/50 group meets monthly at the very least, for a movie night, coffee night, and even takes in a few concerts.  The winter month activities are kind of few and far between but they do get together for activities such as skiing and snowshoeing.  If an outdoor activity has not been planned, you are more than welcome to organize a meeting on your own!

    You can find out more information about both of these groups and other outdoor adventure groups in Wyoming by visiting www.meetup.com

    Sonny’s RV

    At Sonny’s RV we hope that you’ll take advantage of outdoor adventure groups like these while in Wyoming this year.  It’s a great way to stay active and keep up with your new year’s resolutions of living a healthy lifestyle.

     Visit us at our showroom in Evansville to pick up any supplies you’ll need for your outdoor activities this winter.  Need chains for your RV tires? We’ve got plenty in stock at our parts store so stop by today!


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