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  • Published on Oct 02, 2014
    Fall Decorating Ideas for your RV

    DIY Fall Decorating Ideas for your RV

    Fall is one of the most decorated seasons of the year, and why wouldn’t it be with all its beautiful oranges, yellows, reds and browns that signify the last signs of life before the dead of winter hits.  But it can be hard to decorate when living in an RV.  There is not much space to work with so decorations need to be smaller in scale.  Here are a few great DIY fall decorating ideas for your RV, and you can get the family involved too.

    Maple Leaf Mason Jars

    These maple leaf mason jars are easy to make and look great in your space.  The colorful leaves bring a true sense of “Fall” to your décor.  All you need are leaves of all shapes and sizes, the more colorful the better, and you can pick them right from your campsite; a few mason jars; modge podge; and tea lights.  To make your maple leaf mason jar spread some of the Modge Podge onto the outside of the mason jar in a thin, even coat.  Then apply the leaves you picked from your campsite and press firmly so they stick.  Continue until the entire mason jar is covered. Once dry you can place a battery operated light or tea light candle inside the mason jar and you’ll have a colorful candle decoration for your RV. 

    Leaf Garland

    To give the outside or inside of your RV a little something extra, consider hanging leaf garland.  There’s no need to go to the store and buy pre-made garland when again, you can make it by using leaves from your own campsite.  All you need is a bunch of colorful fall leaves, some straws, and a pair of scissors, tape, and string.  Once you have all your supplies, lay out the leaves in a line of how you want them organized.  Cut the straws into ½ in to 1in long pieces and tape to the back of each leave.  Once all the leaves are taped, feed the string through each straw until all of your leaves are strung and Voila! Hang your leaf garland around the windows inside your RV or on the outside posts or awning of your camper to add some fall foliage to your décor.

    The best part about these DIY fall décor ideas is they are inexpensive and it’s something easy enough for the kids to get involved too. It can be a fun afternoon activity for the whole family and it’ll make your RV look great inside and out! 

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