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  • Published on Apr 29, 2014
    Why You Should Live in Wyoming

    Wyoming Named one of Best States to Live In

    According to a new study that was conducted by Gallup, residents of Wyoming think that our state is one of the best states to live in!

    The study was conducted with responses from at least 600 residents in every state. Gallup measured whether residents in their home states viewed their state as "the best possible state to live in," "one of the best possible states to live in," "as good a state as any to live in," or "the worst possible state to live in."

    As you can see from the results, Wyoming is in the top 5 with 69 percent of people claiming that our state is the best, or one of the best states to live in.

    So why does this matter? 

    According to Gallup it matters because, “residents with the most pride in their state as a place to live generally boast a greater standard of living, higher trust in state government, and less resentment toward the amount they pay in state taxes.”

    We think it matters because people who live in Wyoming or have their businesses here stay because they not only love the people, but the community as well. 

    In the survey you can see that in the bottom three, only 20 percent of people were saying their home state is one of the best to live in. With almost 3 out of 4 people stating that Wyoming is one of the best states to live in, you can’t go wrong living here!

    We here at Sonny’s love the people of Wyoming and love having our business here in this great state. We want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to make sure that you, our customers, are satisfied.

    Wyoming has so much to offer from an outdoors standpoint that it is no wonder residents have come to love this place just as much as we have here at Sonny’s RVs.

    Sonny’s RVs

    If you are looking to get the best customer service as well as the best deals on anything RV, then come to Sonny’s and let us show you why buying from us matters!

    We are located on 15 acres of land and offer a 15,000 square foot indoor showroom to showcase what we believe are the best quality RVs on the market.

    But we do much more than just sell RVs!

    We have a top notch service department that features industry professionals that will get your RV back on the road in no time, as well as an online parts store that has everything you might need to get your camping season started.

    We look forward to seeing you at Sonny’s RVs this camping season, and remember, when you buy from Sonny’s, you’re buying from a dealer you can trust.






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