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  • Published on Apr 04, 2014

    Travel in Wyoming

    As the spring air and warmer weather begin to take over, it’s about time to hit the open road for your first road trip of the year!

    Did you know that Wyoming features defined road trips that are ready to be traveled any day?!

    Well if you didn’t, now you do! Here is our list of great Wyoming road trips that will get any family or group of friends in the road trip mood!

    1. The Crown Jewel Road Trip


    This road trip offers breathtaking views and also tons of activities to do along the way. The trip starts in the town of Jackson, which is surrounded by the Jackson Hole and the Teton Range.

    Heading northwest you then run into Grand Teton National Park. Here you can stop and take in the majestic beauty that the Grand Teton Mountains offer, as well as partake in several outdoor activities.

    That's not the only park you will encounter on this fine road trip however. If you choose this road trip it will also lead you to the south entrance of the famous Yellowstone National Park!

    Make sure you take your time at Yellowstone and plan out what you want to do. The park contains 2 million acres so you should find something that everyone will enjoy, and if you can’t, then you probably shouldn’t be on this road trip to begin with! If you want to experience the outdoors as well as getting active, then this road trip is for you!

    2. Big Horn Scenic Byway


    This road trip offers you the chance to experience the west as it was hundreds of years ago!                             

    The Big Horn Scenic Byway is the perfect mix of scenery and history. Start your trip with a visit to Greybull's Smokehouse Saloon, which is an original 1800s back bar! After that, head over to the beautiful Shell Falls that provide incredible scenery along the route.

    Take in the majestic views of the falls and during hours take a walk along one of the many scenic trails. Next, stop into the town of Sheridan, which was voted the country’s #1 Western Town by True West magazine.

    There is plenty to see in this town including visiting the Sheridan Inn, which has been named the “finest hotel between Chicago and San Francisco.” So if you want the breathtaking views of the spectacular Shell Falls, while also visiting some of the best western towns in America, than this road trip is the perfect fit for you!

    3. Photographers Dream Road Trip

    For the photogs out there, there is a road trip specially designed for you and your lens!                          

    The photographing begins as you move through Green River Lakes, which is where Square Top Mountain resides. Take a picture of one of the most photographed mountains that Wyoming has to offer before hitting the road.

    After Square Top Mountain, travel to Dubois. In Dubois you will find the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center. Don’t let the name fool you, this place gives you an educational look at the sheep while also giving tips on the best places to take pictures in the area.

    One of the last stops on your photographing journey will be to Jenny Lake. The lake, which is in Grand Teton National Park, offers great views of the tallest peaks in the Teton Range, as well as plenty of wildlife to keep your camera going!

    Not only does this trip offer supreme photography, it also offers a chance for people not taking pictures to get a sense of the beauty of Wyoming as well. Source: http://www.wyomingtourism.org/roadtrips

    Sonny's RVs

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    We offer an extensive list of new and used RVs for sale that are sure to please any road trip enthusiasts this season. If you aren’t sure the RV lifestyle is for you or just want to try out an RV, Sonny's also offers rental RVs as well!

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    What are your favorite sights in Wyoming? Let us know in the comments below!  


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