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Sonny's RVs is proud to offer a wide variety of motorhomes that will fit any budget. We carry two different types of motorhomes, class A and class C. Knowing the difference between the two will help you select the best one!

Class A:

The class A is popular because it's quite simply a home on wheels. When compared to a fifth wheel or travel trailer it provides easier access to the living quarters from the driver's and passenger's seats. These motorhomes are usually very large and the driver sits with an excellent view of road. The "boxlike" shape of a class A allows the manufacturer to create unique and attractive floor plans.

Class C: 

The class C or mini-motorhome has been very popular since the early 1970s.  The class C's have a much better fuel economy in addition to great handling. However, they are not as spacious as their big sister. That being said, many modern day class C's are becoming bigger and bigger. Some even have slideouts. 

For more information on finding the perfect motorhome for you, give us a call or come on in to the dealership here at 5000 E. Yellowstone Highway in Evansville, Wyoming! 


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